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The Warren Estate - Bernardsville

The Women's Association's sixth Mansion in May event was held at the Warren Estate in Bernardsville and raised $350,000 for a Telemetry Unit for Cardiac Surgery.

About The Warren Estate

A wedding gift of over 100 acres of choice land on the Bernardsville mountain was given to Alice Isabel Ballantine by her father, John Holmes Ballantine of the Ballantine Brewing Company.  Alice was soon to become Mrs. Henry Young. On this land in 1904, a 16,000 square-foot mansion, designed by noted architect Charles Alling Gifford with over 30 rooms was constructed for the Youngs. Built out of New Jersey fieldstone, the cost was $50,000. The gardens and neo-classical design of the house reflected Mrs. Young’s passion for Latin and Greek culture. Winters were spent in the Youngs’ Newark mansion (which is now part of the Newark Museum) and summers at the Bernardsville estate, in the lavish lifestyle of the famed Mountain Colony. The Youngs traveled extensively and imported fine specimen trees and plants for their Bernardsville gardens. A staff of 10 gardeners maintained the gardens and grounds. Greenhouses provided fresh flowers and bedding plants. Bay trees in large tubs and masses of potted flowers and plants graced the veranda. Fuchsia cascaded from the roofs at either end of the portico. The estate was purchased by Louis B. Warren, a senior partner in a New York law firm and a director of the Chrysler Corporation who helped to restructure the company under Lee Iacocca. Upon his death, Warren donated his home to Morristown Memorial Hospital.

About The Warren Estate
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