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Glynallyn Castle - Morris Township

Over 27,000 visitors & 1,200 volunteers came to Glynallyn in Morris Township for our 16th Mansion in May where we raised $1,326,886 to benefit the Hospice & Palliative Care Center at MMC.

About Glynallyn

Glynallyn is a grand 3-story, 32,000 square foot mansion that was built from 1913-1917 by George Marshall Allen and is rich in history. It features over 40 rooms abounding with architectural intricacies and surprising details around every corner. In the New Jersey countryside of the late 19th century, Morristown became a desirable summer retreat for wealthy New York industrialists and business leaders who built grand mansions along what was nobly hailed as Millionaire’s Row on Madison Avenue. Among these entrepreneurs was George Marshall Allen, a publisher, amateur photographer, pioneer of color printing and yachtsman who, in the fall of 1912, purchased nearly 10 acres of land in Convent Station to build a country estate for his family – wife, Grace Fanshawe Allen and daughter, Loraine Allen.  In 1987, it was listed on the National Register of Historic Places and has been noted as one of the closest replicas of Tudor architecture in this country.

About Glynallyn
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