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Fawn Hill Farm - Harding Township

Our fifteenth Mansion in May, held at Fawn Hill Farm in Harding Township, raised $810,000 to benefit the Emergency Department Expansion Campaign at MMC.

About Fawn Hill Farm

This landmark estate traces back to the late 1930’s when Morristown was described by the old New York Herald as the “Millionaire City” of the nation. It was home to some of the wealthiest corporate executives, industrialists, and entrepreneurs in the world. Allan Kirby was one of these businessmen, serving as president of the Alleghany Corporation with assets of $2 billion and with significant holdings in F.W. Woolworth.

 At the heart of the estate sits an imposing three-story English-style stone manor house perched atop a knoll, affording sweeping views of the countryside. This classic structure was constructed using concrete and steel beams, with a thick slate roof and colonnaded rear terrace reminiscent of George Washington’s Mount Vernon home.

About Fawn Hill Farm
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