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Individual Sponsors

The Women's Association is grateful to our generous individual sponsors.

Gold Sponsors

Kathy Christie

Barbara Ruane

The Good Hope Foundation

Silver Sponsors

Megan and John Hagerty

Meg and Tom Healey

Karen and Jeff Kirby

Finn and Kim Wentworth

Bronze Sponsors

Charles Foundation -

Natalie & Robert C. Rooke, Sr.

Virginia and Rodney Frelinghuysen

Maggie Hariri

Michele and David Hedley

Catherine and Richard Herbst

Helen and Edward Hintz

Kevin and Jane Kilcullen

Patricia O'Connor

Anne and Robert Rooke, Jr.

Kent and Melissa Sluyter

Dona and Dennis Wilson 

Pewter Sponsors

Anne Fritz

Harweb Foundation

Lisa and Jamie Overley

Virginia and Michael Ranger

Crystal Sponsors

Christie and Warren Gisser

Jeanne and Joe Goryeb

Anne Herbert

Doctors Lori and Michael Ingber

Jane and Peter Mercer

Tina and Tom Mulhare

Katie and Paul Nolle

Teri and Steve Norman

Dr. and Mrs. Michael O'Neal

Prudence Pigott

Diane and Tom Rispoli

Kathy and Amo Ross

Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Sameth

Dale and Bruce Scolnick

Pat Colbert and Russ Steenberg

Paul and Nancy Underwood

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