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Evergreens - Morristown

Our fifth Mansion in May, held at Evergreens in Morristown, raised $127,000 for the Cardiac Rehab Extension.

About Evergreens

On October 14, 1836, Martin E. Thompson, a prominent New York architect, contracted to design and build a summer cottage for James E. Colles and his family – Evergreens. The only Greek Revival house ever built in Morristown, Evergreens was completed in 1838. Evergreens was originally located about one-quarter mile from its current location. Intended as a summer home, it is reminiscent of a southern plantation with the large three-story stairwell designed to keep the house cool. In the fall of 1886, the 50-year-old house was moved to its current location. The Colles family sold their Morristown holdings in the 1890s and in 1916, the homestead and its 3.3 acres were acquired by Cornelia and Frederick Kellogg. Kellogg was a Mayflower descendent and one-time law partner of Charles Evans Hughes. Additions to the home included two large wings with a large dining room (and rooms above), the kitchen and servants’ rooms. The front was extended to its present length and a brick wall was put in place to ensure privacy. The Kellogg family occupied their homestead until the death of Mrs. Kellogg in 1967. One year later it was sold to neighboring homeowners and is now operated as the Kellogg Club. It is listed on the New Jersey Register of historical homes.

About Evergreens
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