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Benefits to Advertising in the Journal

The Mansion in May 2023 Journal will be a large, full-color glossy keepsake of the event. 

We are pleased to offer our advertisers the following:

Reach Target Audience

Visitors excitedly anticipate every Mansion. Advertisers benefit from their association with Mansion in May and our very worthy cause.

Journal Distribution

Every visitor (over 25,000) receives the Journal. Visitors keep the Mansion in May Journal and refer to it year-round as a resource guide for goods and services. In this way the Mansion in May Journal is much more than a magazine or tribute publication.

Advertising Index

Advertisers in the Journal will have their name listed on a one-page Advertising Index with the associated page number.

Expanded Reach Online

The Journal will be posted on the Mansion in May website for two years in a "page-turner" format with hyperlinks to the advertiser's website. This expands reach well beyond the 25,000 copies of the Journal distributed at Mansion in May and creates a direct link to your company. Check out the 2020 Joural for Mansion in May - Tyvan Hill here.

Keepsake Quality

The Journal creates a lifetime imprint that forever associates the advertisers with Mansion in May and the bucolic country estate Three Fields.

We invite you to participate with the 20th Mansion in May 
and help support the expansion and modernization of the
Institue of Bioskills Training and Innovation.

Journal advertising space is limited and will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.


If you would like to advertise in the keepsake Journal, please review the following information and complete and submit the form.

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