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SSS Custom Closets

Designer: Jacki Melchior

7W Chimney Rock Road
Bridgewater, NJ 08807
Jacki Melchior is the founder and owner of SSS Custom Closets in Bridgewater, NJ. As a former project manager in the corporate world, the transition to closet and other home storage organization came naturally. Over the past 18 years, Jacki and the SSS Custom Closets team have been transforming lives along with transforming their spaces. Closet design presents special challenges. The design of closets is a left brain-right brain discipline. The left brain involves the measuring, math and space planning along with the sense of how the structure will fit into the space and be able to function. The right brain is the connection to clients in what is often the most intimate space in the home. Our 3D software enables us to convey our ideas and designs to the client. When designing home storage, space and budget are often limited. Every project, and every closet is unique. We work with homeowners, designers and builders to create solutions that combine beauty and functionality as well as work with the style of the home and the client’s budget.
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