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Ralink Rt5360f Driver For Win7 [Updated-2022]




/64 bit skyrider: i'd say you'd need to ask a windows' friend if this is indeed a windows issue then, since it is a configuration issue. maybe they just set up the printer in general incorrectly. dr4c3: oh, i see -- seems odd that you'd do that. dr4c3: i would be curious to understand what exactly you mean by `usr/sbin/modprobe -r atl1c ` and why nacc: sorry, my fault :D nacc: just run a script and it unloads the driver it's fine to reload it, but I don't want the module to keep loading I'm looking for an equivalent of /etc/init.d/[service] stop to unload the module for the network card So far I have to manually edit /etc/init/networking.conf and remove the line "ATL1C" from the if-up.d script dr4c3: right, you want to handle that by editing the specific init script you're using. nacc: I see will do dr4c3: also, what did you mean by `script`? did you write a file you want to run? dr4c3: that is likely wrong, too, you want to use `upstart` to load it and not if-up.d dr4c3: there is probably a specific way to disable it; it would have to be documented. As i said, this is likely a windows issue. nacc: I run an script that starts my vpn service nacc: it uses some files to configure the service (a.conf file that contains static config values) dr4c3: you'd have to handle those config files manually for the service and not have it start from /etc/init.d/



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Ralink Rt5360f Driver For Win7 [Updated-2022]

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