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How to come up with a book plot

1.The goal is the consequence of the impulse.

The goal can be twofold: a) to get rid of the consequences of the impulse, overcome it and return to the original state of stasis; b) to retain, preserve and develop in order to further change the situation.

As a rule, pay for a paper the first (a) is a negative, negative impulse, and the second (b) is a positive, positive one. But it can also be the other way around - a negative impulse (say, a fire in the apartment) will work positively (prompts you to get moving, change your job and move out of a bad neighborhood), and a positive impulse will affect the goal negatively - say, the long-awaited arrival of a relative will turn into a mass of problems and the desire to get rid of the guest, tiredness and the desire to return to a stasis state as quickly as possible.

One way or another, but the goal is formed and entails a lot of surprises. And - the main surprise.

2. Unexpectedness is an event that either promotes or hinders.

Promoting and pleasant surprises are, of course, good, but unpleasant ones are more interesting and important. Let's not forget that experiencing failure and mishaps brings us closer together than happy good fortune. And inclusion essay editing service in the story due to "heroic" adversity is faster.

However, when working with surprises, it is important to observe the following rules:

a) there should not be too many surprises - one or two;

b) the surprise should be unpredictable and surprising to the reader;

c) it must be realistic, logical, plausible, naturally arising from the circumstances.

And, of course, the unexpected should be the driving force for the decisive choice.

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