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Mansion in May History

Since our first Mansion in May Designer Showhouse & Gardens in 1974, The Women's Association for Morristown Medical Center has proudly hosted nineteen Mansion events that have generated over $12 million to support various causes at Morristown Medical Center.
Please join us as we take a stroll down memory late!
Mansion #1 - Upton Pyne, 1974 copy.png

Upton Pyne
Bernardsville, NJ

Mansion #4 - Hollow Hill Farm, 1981.png

Hollow Hill Farm
Convent Station

Mansion #7 - Upton Byne Revisited, 1991.png

Upton Pyne, Revisited Bernardsville

Mansion #10 - Knox Hill, 1999.png

Knox Hill
Morris Township

Mansion #13 - The Ross Family Farm, 2006.png

Ross Family Farm
Basking Ridge

Mansion #16 - Glynallyn, 2012.jpg

Morris Township

Mansion #19 - Tyvan Hill, 2020.jpg

Tyvan Hill
New Vernon

Mansion #2 - Giralda, 1976.png

Madison, NJ

Mansion #5 - Evergreens, 1986.png


Mansion #8 - Bayley-Ellard, 1994.png


Mansion #11 - Ellerslea, 2001.png

Morris Township

Mansion #14 - Froh Heim, 2008.png

Froh Heim
Far Hills


Peapack Gladstone


Three Fields
Borough of Mendham

Mansion #3 - Schiff Estate, 1980.png

Schiff Estate
Mendham, NJ

Mansion #6 - Warren Estate, 1988.png

Warren Estate

Mansion #9 - Vail Mansion, 1997.png

Vail Mansion

Mansion #12 - The Cross Estate, 2003.png

Cross Estate

Mansion #15 - Fawn Hill Farm, 2010.png

Fawn Hill Farm
Harding Township

Mansion #18 - Alnwick Hall - The Abbey, 2017.png

Alnwick Hall - The Abbey
Morris Township

ABOUT WAMMC: Founded in March 1893 to provide financial support to Morristown Medical Center, the Women’s Association for Morristown Medical Center (WAMMC) helps enable the hospital to respond to the changing health care needs of the community. With a volunteer base of over 400 members, WAMMC orchestrates and hosts a number of high-quality fundraising events, anchored by the Association’s flagship event, Mansion in May. WAMMC also operates several free-standing, revenue-producing entities, including the hospital’s gift shops and The Bargain Box Thrift Boutique. WAMMC, one of the largest contributors to the Foundation for Morristown Medical Center, is an integral part of the hospital’s ability to continue bringing cutting-edge technology and superior health care services to the community, and has raised nearly $25 million to date in support of this mission. 

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