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Judith Luke

Designers: Judith Luke, ASID,

Lisa Lofdahl, Jimm Carroll & Jillian Zoltner Wolf

2 Fuller Avenue
Chatham, NJ 07928
No career evidences a straight path or trajectory. Passion, talent and plain hard work may account for success. Couple incredible vision, brilliant ability and a searing work ethic, and this shall describe the path struck by the artist as liaison to fine design, Judith Luke. Twenty-five years have laid a course which situates Judith Luke at the pinnacle of her artistic career. Earliest training in the classical tradition, a BFA at the Tyler School of Art, followed by Master Studies with Jacques Fabert, Princeton University. Jettisoned by Judith's hard driven grasp of the cutting edge, while informed by ancient and time honored applications and techniques...egg tempera, fresco, the results are astounding. Intuition and elevated expertise grant a composed elegance. An instructor at the Dundean Studio, Montclair Art Museum, Newark Museum and New Jersey Center for Visual Arts. Often partnered alongside architects, design colleagues and hard hats. Never to fear a project so monumental as a small cathedral, or too cavalier to brilliantly resurrect a once cramped hallway.
Lisa Lofdahl.jpg
Lisa Lofdahl, of LLMetalworks, is a metalworker, blacksmith and blade smith based in South Orange, NJ.  Lisa designs and creates custom pieces by hand, focusing primarily on functional and decorative housewares and furnishings.  Whether hand-forging a chef's knife or fabricating a table base, she endeavors to incorporate sound design with purpose and function.  Lisa's path to metalwork was first sparked in her early teens, when her dad taught her how to weld with an arc welder and oxygen-acetylene torch on their ranch in Colorado.  A BS in civil engineering at the Colorado School of Mines added knowledge of science, physics and materials.  After a detour into the world of big law, obtaining a JD-MBA from Harvard, she has returned to her roots of working with her hands.  Lisa has expanded her blacksmithing and knife making skills under expert instructors at the New England School of Metalwork and has collaborated with designers and artisans specializing in wood and glass.  More information and portfolio photos may be found at
Jimm Carroll.png
Jimm Carroll specializes in stained and leaded glass design, fabrication, restoration and repair.  He provides services to a wide range of clients including architects, designers, developers, contractors and homeowners. Stained and leaded glass lends itself to many uses and applications from luxury homes to commercial buildings to houses of worship.  Working closely with his clients, Jimm is able to determine the design, method and technique most appropriate for any given project and the client's goals.  FB: Jimm Carroll Ltd,
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Jillian Zoltner Wolf is the founder of Zoltner Wolf Textiles, a contemporary fiber art and handwoven textile production studio based in Milford, NJ.  Specializing in intricately patterned, handwoven silk accessories, and precision wrapped  fiber sculpture Jillian uses ancient hand craft  techniques to create work that blurs the lines between traditional craft, contemporary design, and fine art.  Each piece is made entirely by hand, by the artist, in her studio. @zoltnerwolftextiles
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