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Brynn Hudson Jewelry

P.O. Box 35
Mandham NJ 07945
Visit us at the Mansion From September 21st - October 4th

brynn hudson jewelry… on a quest to make every woman look and feel decadent, chic and eye catching in any outfit… without the expensive price tag.  

brynn hudson… I am the designer behind this emerging jewelry collection.  With the idea in mind that no matter what I am wearing (work-out clothes, jeans and an oxford, a dress, or evening wear) or where I am going (the grocery store, out for an afternoon of lunch and shopping, or a black tie event), I always want to look and feel my best.  I have forever been one to want to make a statement with my style, whether subdued or bold.  Also, it has always been my belief that jewelry should be seen as well as felt. It should be seen because it stands out with its beauty, shines from its satiny tones, and makes a statement with its muted decadence.  And, felt because I have always enjoyed the way the weight of a piece of chunky jewelry felt against my skin.  But, most of all, I have always desired jewelry that was versatile; it had to be something that I could throw on when going to the grocery store in my workout clothes but also elegant and graceful enough to be worn to a black tie event.

With nothing out there like this, I realized that if I wanted jewelry along these lines, I would have to create it myself.  And out of this need I creatd brynn hudson jewelry.   But then I remembered, I was not a young girl at the start of my career with time on my hands and resources on which to rely.  I was a former social worker with no design experience who was now a stay at home mom with two very young children, a husband, and a very busy life.  So, how was I going to bring this dream to life? 

After much deliberating, I figured it out. There was only person in the world I knew with whom I could start a business and to become my partner... my sister, Alyson.  Not only is Alyson my best friend and someone with whom I am beyond comfortable, but when you bring together our individual strengths and talents, it makes a whole.  While I knew that I can drive all aspects of the design and manufacturing, I also knew that I was not the least bit suited to be the muscle behind the sales and marketing.  But, for my sister, this area is an incredible strength.

So, with the two most important areas covered, brynn hudson jewelry was born and we set out to turn our pipe dream of owning a jewelry design company into a reality.  But, from the sheer current placements of our lives (Alyson is also a mother to two young children) from the get go it was a struggle to get our business off the ground.  For not only were we now “business owners” battling with the daily ups and downs, successes and failures, and joys and disappointments of starting and growing a business, but we were also two moms raising families and being wives. Needless to say, every day was a battle.  At one point we even considered changing the name of the line to “two moms” since that so embodied who we were and with what we were dealing; two moms trying to balance the raising our families with our very serious quest and dream to put women everywhere in the most striking, graceful, chic and statement making jewelry around.  Two moms because the same passion and drive we exert on a daily basis to ensure the happy development of our children (and husbands) is also what is poured forth into the creation and development of a line of jewelry that will enable all women to look, feel, and be the chicest, most confident, and most beautiful she can be when walking into a room. 

So, that’s the story.  Two moms looking to change the way jewelry is worn and experienced.  Two moms trying to make every woman look, feel, and be decadent, chic, versatile and downright beautiful!